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Tortoise Agility (Video)

I enjoy seeing people work with any type of animal.

In my early days I did a lot of things with different reptiles and in many zoos training is standard for husbandry care.

What you see in this video is luring–where the animal follows the food lure but you can chain behaviors together so the animal follows a sequence if you take the time to do so.

Also, people constantly mislabel their animals–can you tell if this is a tortoise or a turtle?

Raven Training (Video)

Discrimination training with any animal can be done.

This is an interesting demonstration and I’ve posted it to show that when the raven makes the wrong choice, the objects are removed so that the opportunity to earn a reward is withdrawn.

Then the animal is presented with another option to try again.

I’ll be back next week with some more commentary and news about some changes here.