Raven Training (Video)

Discrimination training with any animal can be done.

This is an interesting demonstration and I’ve posted it to show that when the raven makes the wrong choice, the objects are removed so that the opportunity to earn a reward is withdrawn.

Then the animal is presented with another option to try again.

I’ll be back next week with some more commentary and news about some changes here.

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  1. interesting video.

    I watched it a few times, and am planning to post something about it on my blog in the next several days.

    I think there’s some complex discriminations going on, but I am not convinced the bird has developed any sort of color discrimination. It’s a bit harder to tell what is going on, since he keeps changing where and how he presents the bowling pins.

    Mary Hunter

  2. Right, for accurate color discrimination to be identified I think there would need to be more trials and other objects of different colors.

    Also, I’d be more inclined to ask the animal to identify the color by using a specific SD for it–not just the presentation of the similar objects.