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Animal Training
Animal Expert Referrals
Disney’s Animal Training Website

Dog Behavior Training
Association of Pet Dog Trainers
Karen Pryor Academy Certified Trainers
International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants
Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists
Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers
American College of Veterinary Behaviorists
Association of Pet Behaviour Consellors

Clicker Training
Clicker Training Videos

Veterinary Specialist Associations
Avian Veterinarians
Feline Practitioners
Exotic Mammal Veterinarians
Aquatic & Marine Mammal Veterinarians
American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians
Association of Reptile & Amphibian Veterinarians
Center for Conservation Medicine (Tufts)
American College of Zoological Medicine (ACZM)
Alliance of Veterinarians for the Environment (AVE)

Wildlife Rehabilitation Resources
Wildlife Rehabilitators by State
California Wildlife Rehabilitators by Region
Find a Local Wildlife Rehabilitator (USA)
National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association
International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council

California Department of Fish & Game
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