World Environment Day Thoughts & Video

Above: Station Fire Environmental Disaster in Southern California.

Today is World Environment Day and the recent disaster in the ocean ecosystem (plus the many others that have been not getting any coverage) are so overwhelmingly horrible I thought it would be appropriate to show the above footage.

It is about damage and rejuvenation.

I cried yesterday over the photos and reports coming out of the areas hit by the BP Oil Disaster.

In my long career it is not something that happens often because I have seen so much but I saw photo after photo and watched the video reports–and I cried–no, I sobbed.

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It is no longer an option to fail to take action to conserve and preserve.

In my opinion it is a crime when industry damages the environment so poignantly illustrated by the BP Oil Disaster (way beyond a spill) because it has failed to take steps to prevent such an event AND fails to have any technology of protocols to mitigate the event after it has occurred.

The ecosystem, the animals and other sea life, the economy and businesses of those communities dependent on the sea and on tourism–and then the earth and climate isn’t just a little impact–it is the row of dominoes falling one after the other.

It isn’t a game though, it is the lives of hundreds, thousands–maybe millions of species.

On a less dramatic level, I cringe when I see the ads for new additives for the home–marketing that promotes consumerism that pollutes and adds chemicals to the world when there are safer options.

Take a minute to realize that all these individually packaged products end up in the landfill or on the shores of the lake beneath me or the forest behind me.

I gasp when I see people spraying pesticide on their weeds without the knowledge that they are poisoning the environment simply because those plants are an inconvenience.

I hate watching people water their lawns when our water reserves are depleting rapidly and our water sources are compromised with hormones.

Ever wonder why so many people are having thyroid and related issues?

I could go on and on but I won’t.

Instead, I urge you to consider everything you do in a day and start to notice that convenience is not worth the consequences.

Think I am kidding? Not.

Take the time to find alternatives and change your habits.

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Take action, make change happen and let me know your recommendations below in the comments.

Aquatic Toxicology Ugh! (Video)

So a friend sent me this video. Some of you know that I have faced some challenges related to my endocrine system over the past two years.

When you look at our food sources and water supply and the content in this video–it should disturb you.

People often wonder why humane farming and organic foods are gaining more popularity–this video will give you an idea.

Estrogen in fish…and then what livestock consumes should make you sit up and pay attention…sorry to say that is just a part of the larger issue.