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What is your biggest problem with your pet?

Okay, I’ve been asking you for your input and so here is another question for all of you with pets.

What are your biggest problems with your pet?

You know, those issues that make your crazy?

The stuff you endure day after day…

Please take a moment to comment and let me know. I’ll be discussing this REAL soon.

Animal Training Tools: Chime in about the Best & the Worst

Okay, another question for you and then I am going in with my comments later this week!

I want to know:

  • What is your favorite animal training tool? Please explain why.
  • What is your least favorite animal training tool? Please explain.

Please note all comments are moderated and will be posted once reviewed.

Also take note that on this series of questions I am going to wait a bit until a variety of comments are in–this means that I am going to delay approval in the moderation queue so your answer might not appear right away.

Why? Because there are a variety of opinions and I don’t want to influence or to deter anyone from chiming in.

Okay, ready? Simply post your comment below.