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Pet Parenting School & Pepsi Refresh Everything

At the moment we are working on raising the funds to launch an online pet parenting school and one of those avenues will hopefully be through the Pepsi Refresh Everything grant process.

The Pet Parenting School helps frustrated pet owners solve their pet behavior problems fast using humane techniques and newly discovered methods of communicating in a online school with 24/7 resources and coaching sessions so anyone can get better results even if they’ve failed before or don’t have much time.

We need your help so please take a minute to sign up on our special list to receive daily tips, special offers and a reminder to vote.

Above: Video about the Pet Parenting School & Mr B in School

The Online Animal School has been approved so this list will be active for the next 31 days and then will be used for the animal school notices and program updates.

After sign up, you’ll get instructions on how to vote  along with tips and hints.

Vote directly for the animal school directly and look for instructions how to do so on Facebook–you can vote from both.

Now if you don’t want to get a daily email, you can follow me (@arklady) on Twitter.

You can just click through via the voting link and RT to your followers to help with the votes!

Finally, if you are attached to your Mobile just text, normal texting rates apply.

Whatever way you choose, thanks for your help–and sign up now!

Animal Expert’s News Round Up 9-30-2010

Since I’ve been traveling I noticed that some of the news items I have selected did not appear and so I thought I would share a few with you today.

*If you didn’t read about the trial project of a dog park whose lamp is fueled dog poop–take a look.

*Proposed California legislation to regulate pet insurance was vetoed by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (AB 2411). Instead of passing the legislation the gov is seeking better consumer disclosure of pet insurance and the benefit schedules & policy exclusions of pre-existing conditions and other provisions that might limit coverage.

*California proposed veterinary services tax is another topic that has the hackles of pet owners and pet professionals raised.

*No cost spay and neuter in the Los Angeles are is getting an infusion of funds (to the tune of $1 Million) from actress Katherine Heigl
as part of the Compassion Revolution.