Pet Parenting School & Pepsi Refresh Everything

At the moment we are working on raising the funds to launch an online pet parenting school and one of those avenues will hopefully be through the Pepsi Refresh Everything grant process.

The Pet Parenting School helps frustrated pet owners solve their pet behavior problems fast using humane techniques and newly discovered methods of communicating in a online school with 24/7 resources and coaching sessions so anyone can get better results even if they’ve failed before or don’t have much time.

We need your help so please take a minute to sign up on our special list to receive daily tips, special offers and a reminder to vote.

Above: Video about the Pet Parenting School & Mr B in School

The Online Animal School has been approved so this list will be active for the next 31 days and then will be used for the animal school notices and program updates.

After sign up, you’ll get instructions on how to vote  along with tips and hints.

Vote directly for the animal school directly and look for instructions how to do so on Facebook–you can vote from both.

Now if you don’t want to get a daily email, you can follow me (@arklady) on Twitter.

You can just click through via the voting link and RT to your followers to help with the votes!

Finally, if you are attached to your Mobile just text, normal texting rates apply.

Whatever way you choose, thanks for your help–and sign up now!

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  1. Sort of disappointed as to where this went. What is the difference between this and the ineffective puppy classes that many clients go to? As far as life skills go, the cat going to the scale would not be high on my priority list. You also mention “behaviors in the home”, but in my opinion a happy pet is one that is challenged on adventures outside the home. JMHO. So many other things that I would rather support than this. Including the shelters in the area that strive to do all this correctly everyday, like Doberman Rescue Unlimited ( Tricks and agility and manners classes abound here, and still I see their “graduates” come in with behaviorally challenged dogs. (I don’t do cats) Mostly because the real life issues beyond the cute lured sit in a stagnent atmosphere were never ever addressed. IMHO people need to know that their are trainers out there that can prepare them well before their dog hits an older age.

  2. Not sure what you are talking about Robin.

    The pet parenting school is an online project yet to be constructed.

    It isn’t a “training” program per se but a pet retention course that focuses on early education for lifestyle adjustments to keep pets in the home and out of shelters.

    It has nothing to do with the other posts earlier.

  3. “Some of you took the time to send in your questions about pet behavior and pet training issues. Many of you posted them on the blog or on my Facebook page.Thanks so much! I’ll be sharing answers with you via the Pepsi email list so make sure you take a minute to sign up!” That gave me the idea that this was something to do with that. If the video is an idea of what that early education is going to be, it’s going to be the same as every other dog and puppy course already out there, available, and recomended or not recomended by shelters it would seem. And why have Pepsi sponsor it?

  4. The questions you answered were different. I solicited direct ones that I sent to my subscribers and many answered here and on Facebook.

    I am answering their behavior questions is an incentive piece for their votes. You know, cookies for the participants? LOL

    The program is not developed yet which is why I am seeking the funding for the multimedia project. It is not simply animal training (there are enough of those already) although that has to be a part of it.

    Anyway, the questions you and others answered I’ll get to but since the approval came through for Pepsi that took priority for the moment.