What is your biggest problem with your pet?

Okay, I’ve been asking you for your input and so here is another question for all of you with pets.

What are your biggest problems with your pet?

You know, those issues that make your crazy?

The stuff you endure day after day…

Please take a moment to comment and let me know. I’ll be discussing this REAL soon.

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  1. Worrying about their health is the biggest problem I have with both of my dogs. Nothing that my dogs do particularly make me crazy or frustrated. Sorry to sort of bow out on this question, but I feel very lucky to have these guys in my life.

  2. Since you are a trainer that is the right answer. LOL Thanks for sharing anyway.

  3. I am not implying my dogs are perfect stepford dogs by the way or robots, far from it. They are good dogs though, who did need training in the equation to become dogs that are comfortable in their own skin and surroundings.

    I wish more dog owners knew how simple it CAN BE to make everyday not an annoyance for themselves as well. I am not perfect either, I sometimes take a break from the maintenance that I should do. More dog owners should be able to say this as well. That is the frustrating part. So many do not start out with the “behaviorally challenged” dog.

  4. One of the gauges I use in identifying the skill of an animal trainer or behaviorist is by the behavior exhibited by their own dogs AND whether or not they raised it or adopted it. I remember traveling to stay with one of the top behavior experts in another country–and I was mortified at how out of control his own dogs were. It made sense as to why he had been some impressed by mine when he was visiting here.

    Animals behave appropriately for their species and backgrounds but those who take the time to work and change it reap the benefits. You are right that most people do not understand how their daily efforts can make all the difference–it doesn’t take oodles of time just consistency and persistency.


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