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Icons of the Animal World Feature Article

I thought this article on Ian Dunbar would be of interest to all of you. It just goes to show you that some of us just keep on plugging without all the hoopla. The article also brings up the Cesar Milan issue again. Just like the Irwins, the Milans are now working their brand to get additional streams of income.

Speaking of the Irwin’s: Bindi Irwin will host a new series on Discovery Kids….”Bindi, the jungle girl.”

I’ve found the whole aftermath of Steve Irwin’s death a bit disturbing. Before even a few days passed the network announced that they were looking for additional talent. Spoof videos even began to appear. Bindi is going to have a long run since she is so young…a trend that has appeared in not only television but music. Yikes! I found it equally disturbing that Bindi Irwin seemed so unemotional when presenting her tribute to her father Steve Irwin–maybe she is in shock? Am I the only one that thinks this is odd?

When the media sought to get Terri Irwin to appear on television (view this video) to talk about the loss of her husband and children’s father, I thought that was the ultimate in bad taste. Maybe it is cathartic for her…I hope so. I can’t imagine how that would be to do less than a month after your husband has died. Reports are that the appearances were lucrative–I certainly hope so. Crikey, such insensitivity.

If you missed this commentary it has taken a lot of heat from Steve Irwin fans.

The fact that there was even a discussion regarding the death video was distastful. I find that cameras and microphones are often thrust in the faces of those who have just suffered a tragedy–and feel that is equally horrid. Why do we need to see everything and abandon sensitivity or concern just to get a story?

Did you see this tribute video from Regis and Kelly?

I tried to find the Steve Irwin video interview with Matt Lauer regarding the incident with Bob Irwin and Murray the Crocodile–found it once and was a bit disturbed by it but could not find it again…until today. Take a look.

Anyway, this all came up because the guy who originally had emailed me for help reaching the Irwins to transfer the domain. Discovery networks never responded but he emailed today to say that he got it to John Stainton…funny how things contribute to a rant!

Tiger Attack Video

I thought this video would get your attention. The tiger jumps to attack a man on the back of an elephant. Sorry, I don’t have many more details.

This article discusses the truth about some of the big cat situations before they come to a sanctuary. The sanctuary has to move due to zoning changes but read the article.