Archives for October 2006

Howling Over Wolves

Wolf Awareness Week has just concluded when this wolf article opinion came to my attention…and here is the original wolf evacuation article.

Many Halloween with Pets articles are hitting the news.

Ellen Degeneres is working to help call attention to how we pollute the ocean without thinking and impact wildlife.

Is the dumpping of pets on the increase?

New animal laws in California
will mean the no dog may be chained for more than three hours at a time and vehicles with animals inside must meet certain criteria for safety or owners will be fined.

BTW: The president finally signed the Pets Evacuation & Transportation Standards Act which mandates that animals also be under the diaster rescue arm.

Lion Attack Video

This lion attack video is hard to see but stresses the point that you should remain in your vehicle when visiting a wildife park. The possessiveness of the lioness after indicates it might be real. I find it odd that the videographer actually thought to film the kids crying behind the windows of the vehicle and the people did not run the vehicle over to the incident to attempt to disuade the animals.