Wildlife Waystation Seeks New Location

Above: Cougar at Wildlife Waystation from the Press Enterprise article

The Wildlife Waystation may move out my way–or to another location depending on who is open to it. The place has been under scrutiny for a while and it looks like LA is not not making it easy for them to stay in their current location.

Early in my career we used to visit the Waystation–then miles away from anybody. Martine had a different image then and I still remember her in boots, jeans, and a cowboy hat.

Animal sanctuaries and rescues face a difficult challenge because no matter what anyone does to educate people about how wild animals do not make good pets, people still ignore it. The same is true about wolf-dogs.

Simply, people believe what they want and don’t want to hear otherwise. Is it any wonder that most animal rescue facilities are bursting at the seams, struggling to make ends meet, and still finding many animals in the need of sanctuary.

It is too early to see what happens in this relocation. There already is a primate sanctuary in the Palm Springs area.

In my own backyard, the local park district declined the purchase of the land that the only zoo in San Bernardino County sits on. Now the lease runs out next year and the new location hoped for is tangled up in a web of bureaucratic red tape.

The developer who bought the land would do well to extend the lease–but I doubt it. The threat of euthanasia looms over all the animals that dwell in the Moonridge Zoo but whether or not it will happen still remains to be seen.

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  1. Mary Bellous says

    Diana: Is the Wildlife Waystation still in existence? I’m looking for a wild animal refuge to do some volunteer work and I remember the Waystation from many years ago. If the Waystation is no longer available are there another refuges in the LA/SanBernadino/High Desert/Palm Desert area that are in need of volunteers?

    thanks bunches,
    Mary Bellous

  2. Hi Mary, the Wildlife Waystation is still located in Sylmar, California and easily found with a google search but just click here: http://tinyurl.com/WildlifeWaystation

    You can also get a google list of sanctuaries in California: http://tinyurl.com/CaliforniaAnimalSanctuaries

    In addition, there are professional organizations that sanctuaries join such as TAOS which is now the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries: http://sanctuaryfederation.org/

    For other states you can also check out this list: http://www.greenpeople.org/sanctuary.htm

    Listing these groups is not an endorsement but just some resources you might find useful. Let me know if you end up volunteering–and don’t rule out some of the zoological opportunities for volunteers either.