Who is your favorite animal trainer/behaviorist?

Most of my work today is through referrals and word of mouth. This is a common way people find services or businesses–through their friends and family.

Another article sparked this question–but it is your turn before I share any of my choices and why.

So tell me in the comments below:

Who is your favorite animal trainer or animal behaviorist and why? Feel free to leave a link to his or her website in your response.

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  1. Well I really think Patricia O’Connell has a great philosophy. She’s a behavorist, but I think that still counts. :O) Her blog is: http://www.theotherendoftheleash.com/ but she’s not a frequent poster. I highly reccomend her book of the same name though.

  2. @Lori LOL I knew I should have listed behaviorist as well…changed it just for you. Thanks for participating and yes, Tricia is a good example. I hear she is heading up a behavior safari this year!

  3. We work with Dave Cugno at Perfect Pooch in King of Prussia, PA. He’s great, and has really helped us understand our German Shepherd, who we found as a stray. We had no idea about the quirks of the breed, and Dave has just been terrific!

  4. @Amy Thanks for the heads up. There are a lot of people out there who I don’t know. I found the crew you mentioned at http://thepackleaders.com

  5. A few of my favorites…

    Bob Bailey
    Alexandra Kurland
    Ken Ramirez
    Leslie Pavlich
    Karen Rohlf
    Mark Rashid
    (The last 2 are more “traditional” trainers, but I really like some of their philosophy and methods.)


    Mary H.