Unusual Animal Careers: EarthCorp Opportunity

I’ve been out of town and am busy catching up. This offer came across my desk and I know many of you are looking for new careers related to animals and the environment, this group is searching for candidates. I don’t know all the details but got it from my network overseas.

EarthCorps is now accepting international applications for training positions. Please consider forwarding this announcement to any junior staff or volunteers in your region seeking advanced education and training in the environmental field.

EarthCorps offers a 6-month training course in Seattle, Washington, USA that brings together emerging environmental leaders to learn the fundamentals of:

– Environmental Service
– Community Building
– Leadership

EARTHCORPS CHARGES NO TUITION OR FEES for its services and in fact supplies insurance, individual home stay families, food, gear and a monthly stipend to all international participants. EarthCorps provides additional support in acquiring US J-1 Trainee visas.

– year college degree and 1 year of work experience in the environmental field
– 5 years of work experience in the environmental field
– Conversational English
– Documented commitment to one’s career field
– No Criminal Record

– Applicant Application Dead Line: January 31, 2008
– Participant selection: February 2008
– Visa processing: March – May 2008
– Travel confirmation: May 2008
– EarthCorps Program starting date: June 3, 2008
– EarthCorps Program graduation: December 12, 2008

Candidates should be referred to EarthCorps by an environmental organization (i.e. NGO, community group or student club). Materials are available online at: http://www.earthcorps.org/join_international.php.

Please feel free to contact Mr Mark Howard markearthcorps.org if you have any questions or concerns.

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  1. Good work! I’d like you to also add volunteer position in community development, environment and others. Got the earthcorps hint through your site. Thanks

  2. Good work. Please i need you to keep me posted on any opportunities like the earthcorps that will enable broaden my horizon in another country. I need international volunteer positions.

    I have applied for earthcorps, it came handy, thanks a million.
    Stephen Dada
    Nigeria, West-Africa

  3. Glad to hear you found this useful. To stay on top of things just make sure you sign up for the eNewsletter and the RSS feed for the blog.