Tiger Victims Released

Tiger victim release photo courtesy of cbs5.com

So, now that we are several days aways from the tiger attack incident the news reports have slowed down some–but that does not mean San Francisco Zoo’s troubles are over.

The two other tiger victims were released from the hospital yesterday. They have not wanted to talk with anyone about the incident and reports are that they have been uncooperative with law enforcement officials.

The zoo may loose its exhibitor license but it is too early to tell. However, a Federal investigation into the tiger attack incident has been reported. Big trouble and I bet the AZA inspector is getting an ear full. The AZA is the group that accredited the zoo and failed to notice the tiger grotto wall was substandard.

Yikes. Granted, nobody goes around with a measuring tape–but maybe it is a practice that needs to be implemented.

I shared insider secrets about inspectors…they don’t always notice what they should.

Yes, there is a problem for the zoo. But I can’t dismiss the notion that the victims contributed to the reason the tiger was agitated enough to escape. If so, they probably won’t be charged with anything–if my understanding is correct.

More disturbing facts were released today when it was discovered how chaotic the whole scene was–details revealed from the police and fire logs.

Still wondering if they even had mutual aid agreements in place. What a mess.

I am still waiting to hear about the forensic findings and I’d love to have a look at the necropsy reports.

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  1. Patricia Reszetylo says

    That’s always my first thought too – who was picking on this animal in the first place, to incite him to jump at the wall? He’d been in there how long, and didn’t have a reason to leave before. What happened to change that?

    Granted, the wall was insufficient – but there was a human factor involved. That Cat had a REASON for what he did.