Pet Travel Safety (Cars)

Although this is a cute video, it illustrates just what can happens when you travel with unrestrained pets.

You’ll find links to products and other information in articles I’ve written about before such as car travel hazards .

I also talked about canine car ride crimes .

In fact, I just had a discussion over pet care safety with a pal who always allows her pets to roam around in her vehicle unrestrained.

There is no good reason for it and you’ll be shocked to know that of the 29 million or so people who travel with pets, only about 20% use some sort of restraint!

Don’t be one of them.

Also, don’t be a pet owner that leaves your pet in a car while you run a quick errand.

In just three minutes the heat in a car can increase by 13 degrees or more.

You can put the life of your pet in danger in only a few minutes.

Don’t believe it?

Watch this video over at my post on how fast can your pet die in a car?

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  1. Jack Feerick says

    It blows my mind, too. Although the seatbelts in your car are obviously designed with humans in mind, there are so many comfortable, affordable options available out there — from customer dog seats to simple harnesses — that it’s just a common-sense investment. Not only does it protect the dog, it can save your upholstery; holding the animal steady and orienting his head properly will make him much less prone to vertigo or carsickness. Good for the dog, good for the driver. I hope this campaign blows up huge!


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