Pet Fashion Week

I thought you might want to catch a few of the articles and snaps from Pet Fashion Week. The above photo by Ywan Kwan Chan is meant to lure you over for a glimpse and short read at Meniscuszine.

Out in the blogosphere the topic is bringing up some opinions regarding dogs as accessories–which I mentioned in an earlier post. Terry at You Are A Dog did a nice rant and the shortest probably can be found at the New York Observer. But the Bovina Bloviator did an amusing sarcastic rant on fashions accessories and FlezPetz

Heidi Singer did a Pet Fashion WeeK article you can find in the New York Post and the Village Voice article has a great snap of two dogs in Doggles. Hang Nguyen even wrote a piece for the Orange County Register summarizing trends that include pet fashion week.

Now if you are jealous of the East coast even, you can look forward to the Luxury Pet Pavilion over in Los Angeles early next year.

So, I’d be interested in your take on this. I find that the parallel trend is reaping more bad behavior from Fido because dogs are not being treated as dogs but more like toys, accessories, and kids…and don’t get me started on all the poorly behaved children disturbing the peace in restaurants and other public places!

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