Pet Fashion Week & HugX Dog Bowl

Pet Fashion Week has come and gone and I ignored it this year. Why?

First, it isn’t really a week but only a couple of days. But I guess it doesn’t have the same zing to say “pet fashion weekend” or perhaps they plan to expand the show for a full week.

Mainly, I am not a huge fan because–much like the fashion industry shows for humans–it tends to be a little over the top for my taste.

I don’t particularly care for seeing dogs appear as accessories or in matching garb (personally I just change collars and leash for fashion coordination) and I’d rather animals be appreciated for who they are.

So here is my confession…I am keeping up on trends and writing a Canine Couture column for C.H.I.C.K. Scene Magazine. Now I have plans to expand the topics since the mag focuses on Charity, Hope, Inspiration, Community, and Karma. (CHICK–get it?)

But I though you might like the pet fashion week pictures so here are a few snaps of pet fashion week models,  some of the friendly mutts from the pet fashion week exhibit hall, and a slide show from the pet fashion week cat walk.

On the upside, I did find a product I liked from the United Kingdom called the HugX dog bowl. The bowl, is angled at 32.5° which allows food to fall into the center of the bowl.

According to the description, “Each bowl has specific grips characterized subtly as ears and a tongue to prevent the user from touching food.

The aluminum holder allegedly mimics a dog’s body and the narrow “waist” creates an easy grip for the human and raises the bowl above floor level.

Another feature is the high grip rubber feet which are set wide apart to prevent toppling or movement.

This pet product is available with a few different color bowls such as pink, blue, red, and white.

I’d like to see a large dog version but other than that I think it is a super idea. You can check out the HugX dog bowl which incidentally was one of the pick of the litter in the doggie dining category at Pet Fashion Week.

Check it out along with others in the running for the Lifestyle Innovation Award.

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  1. Hello from Ireland. I’m just home and really appreciated your comments on our hugx bowl. It was an idea based on my own pet experiences.
    First the good news, we have a larger version, suitable for dogs like my own, an Irish setter and my muse so to speak! Even Old English sheepdogs find it easy to use.

    The bowl was designed to tackle three major issues I had watching my pet eat.

    One: the curved bowl allows pets to hug their food, as pets cannot use their thumbs like us humans they need to direct food with their nose, so this allows the food to fall back.

    Two: even if they are wearing a post op collar, like my pet had to it eliminates the need to take it on and off as the pet can access the bowl easily…thus reducing the possibility of a pet getting at it’s stitches and causing more damage to themselves.

    Three. The bowl has no flat base where food can lodge and coagulate so it is easier to clean.

    Ok…a few other advantages is because the casing is aluminum, it won’t rust and the plastic bowls can always be updated, so an investment that can be long term.
    The angle also reduces the associated noises at dinner time as the curved wall stops banging and clashing of dog tags.

    Finally for pets on a diet, or maybe just growing up, you can turn the bowl 180 degrees to make it more appropriate to your specific needs.

    We are really pleased to have got an opportunity to showcase hugx in the USA as American pet owners are more sophisticated than many other countries and really understand and appreciate good design for their pets. If any of your readers have any more questions we’d be delighted to assist.

    All the best and lots of hugx from Jane and Emmy the Irish setter.


  2. Thanks for stopping in Jane. I appreciate the comments.

    Personally, I’d love for you to set up an affiliate program where referrals that turn into buyers get commissions.

    Also, do you have any distributors on the West Coast in the USA or are you just direct?

    I’ll be at SuperZoo shortly. Wondering if you will be there.

  3. Hello Ark Lady, Saturday night here and just catching up! Oh I’d love to be at Superzoo but just cannot afford to go yet! This is a one woman show financed by a day job, so I’m detained in Ireland!

    No distributors yet, but would love to find a good one for the USA. We are working with Barrie at Rex Dog Hotels in Vancouver but normally hugx is just sold from here!

    Yes I see what you mean about referrals…..I am not sure how we would do that on teh website but I’ll check it out and will get back to you. I guess if folk had a special quote then we would know where it is coming from…gotta talk to my website guy who has disappeared!

    Let me get back to you that is a lovely idea.

    And thank you for your time. 🙂

    All my best
    Jane and Emmyx


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