Pet Fashion Accessory Week…Postscript

Above: Damn Cool Pics posted a bunch of 2007 and 2006 Pet Fashion Week photos.

Okay, after viewing more photos I’ve decided that I am over Pet Fashion Week.

First, it isn’t a week long and then it makes dogs into accessories. The Thailand fashion dog isn’t too thrilled by the looks of it–and if you click to view the other photos–the peacock dog certainly looks miserable. (Not to mention ridiculous.)

So, where do you draw the line? Kid beauty pageants have morphed over to Pet Fashion Week–which incidentally is also a bit misleading because I didn’t see any birds, cats, or reptilian models…and what about our fishy friends?

Gee, I can hardly wait for the Luxury Pet Pavilion in Los Angeles. Maybe I’ll drop by for a personal experience instead of a virtual one–maybe I am missing something?

The Globe & Mail and iol covered the event and seem to have a nicer view of it than I do.

Since none of you have commented, I have to believe that I am one of the few who think such activities are over the top. Do we have so much affluence that we have abandoned good common sense?

I can handle designer collars and leashes, and even travel accessories or bowls. However pets as accessories makes me wonder how many more animals will be placed into homes and then relinquished because they don’t fit in with the newest fashion trends or outfits of their owners.

AND don’t get me onto the celebrities who seem to change their pets as often as their…never mind.

Maybe I am missing something…but I don’t see anything else being covered beyond the catwalk event and that, I am convinced, conveys the wrong impression to the masses.

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