Pet Airways (Video)

People and pets are traveling this week. If you have not heard about Pet Airways this commercial gives you a glimpse. You can join the Pet Airways travel club here.

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  1. Hannah Serrano says

    Cute video and very amazing pet transport service. What are the cities/countries they serve?

  2. They are currently serving North America only. Just click through the link to see the current cities serviced. I also did a pre-announcement prior to their operation which you can view here:

  3. I live in south Asia and its really amazing for me to know that pets are given so much importance and care in states and Europe. People don’t really care about pets here except very few. I saw some school boys beating a dog the other day for no reason but fun.
    No one will ever think about special about flying pet here. They would rather not take their pet with them.

  4. Some areas of Asia are very pet oriented. However, it is the educational levels and economic affluence that usually influence how people interact with their pets, what they spend, and what services they offer.