Montauk Monster Mystery: Solve the Issue & Comment

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Although I am still a bit under the weather I thought I’d let you comment on the photo above. The “Montauk Monster” has been making the news.

My bet: It is a decomposing dog that was tragically tied up before it was drowned. Juice is supposed to have the photographer and person who found in an interview on Friday. The problem with identification is that the details are not clear and there is no scale to compare it to.

In the meantime, people are speculating it is a turtle (sorry doesn’t have canines) and some sort of griffin (the alleged beak) or an alien. I’ve read that it has webbed paws but water dogs (breeds that spend time in the water have webbed paws).


Read more here and here but leave your comments below.

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  1. the more I look at this it looks like a baby kangaroo. Not being sure what size the creature is. its hard to tell…But having the long legs and tail and if you look carefully the teeth are that of a Kangaroo also, but the “beak” looks like the kangaroo’s front teeth that havent fully formed yet.

  2. Estrella says

    I believe it to be an Alien. And so do my brother and sister.

  3. Thanks for all your comments. I watched the video today ( nobody knows what it is. There is no scale from the photograph and nobody has actually examined the skeleton.

    They could find the answer by looking at the genetic markers via DNA but are not relinquishing the corpse. We might never know what it is!

  4. Here are links with an additional photos:

  5. Montauk Residents like the monster: