Martin Hardoy Argentinian Horseman (Video)

Most people are fascinated with those who seem to vary from the standard procedures when it comes to animal training so I thought you might like this video.

Martín Hardoy believes that 70 days are necessary to break a horse, plus additional time to finish and perfect training. Read an article about Martin Hardoy.

So, my questions:
Who put the halter and tied the horse prior to the segment?
What work had already been done prior to filming?

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  1. ugh- poor mare. Learned helplessness

  2. Why don’t you blog about this and the body language? How about a guest post? I will probably tackle this topic in the future but usually it is a complete shutdown by the animal. Without viewing more footage and knowing more about this segment it is hard to be definitive. Also, this is a promo piece–obviously.

  3. Perhaps to some degree. Why don’t you blog about this and the body language? How about a guest post?

  4. hmmm- been thinking about this ever since reading your comment yesterday and I think you’re right- I should blog about it. But it’s a big topic with a lot of thorns. It would be great to stimulate some minds and get some conversation going though! I’ll post it to my blog so you don’t have to take responsibility for me 🙂 and then you can respond with your own?
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Yes, it is a big topic and I am going to tackle it but at the moment I am traveling and will wait until I get back before I do so. I don’t have a problem with you sending a guest post which might be a good traffic builder for you–controversy is good! LOL Although sometimes it makes you wonder…at any rate I am so happy to have your comments and I just finished a big project and hope to have more time to cross connect.