Llamas Trained to Fetch (Video)

Everyone seems to be enjoying the training videos so here is another video of trained llamas involved in a exercise of “fetch.”

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  1. Ha! Llamas are so funny looking. I like how much enthusiasm the llama shows.

    How do you think that dumbbell is made? It looks like something that would be perfect to use with my horses. Almost looks like pool noodles, but not quite.


  2. Most of the animal training tools come from the pool industry (a historic tie-in with marine mammal training). I’ll have to email her to ask but a pole for grabbing (and so the pole is balanced) with the pool floats is what it looks like to me.

  3. I got a response and she said it was a lightweight toddlers’ toy from Asda. It is made almost entirely of foam, but has a stiffish, plastic core, diameter 8mm, running from end to end internally.

  4. interesting. Thanks for checking about that for me!

  5. No problem–she said she got the item at the UK version of WalMart in the kid’s department.