Hurricane Animal Rescue Resources

Resources for Hurricane Katrina rescue workers, pet owners and those involved in rescue in disaster zones.

American Humane Association
Effective 9/2/05 call: (303)925-9484 Group is working from Jackson, Mississippi. Read the daily hurricane Katrina animal rescue update here. Be warned–it won’t be pretty. This group ROCKS!

Humane Society of the United States
Disaster Assistance Email: or click here: Animal Disaster Rescue Request

United Animal Nations Emergency Animal Rescue
Indicate clearly in your email that you are REQUESTING ANIMAL RESCUE. Send the message to or click here: REQUESTING ANIMAL RESCUE
Be prepared to provide the following:
Address, City, State & Zip code where animal is located
Number, species and description of animal
Directions to the house and landmarks
Permission to enter the house.
Name and contact information of caller.

Noah’s Wish
Temporary Staging Area at warehouse located at 1325 Bayou Lane in Slidell, Louisiana next to Heritage Park/
Pagers: (877)575-0128 or (800)746-9390

The rescue of animals in New Orleans is being coordinated by the Louisiana Department of Agriculture & Forestry. For more information consult their website at or sending an e-mail to

American Association of Zoo Keepers
For those employees of Audubon Zoo, ACRES and AoA ONLY:
Management is trying to track down as many displaced animal care employees as possible. If you work for one of the above institutions please send the following information listed below:
Name, facility, position, current location, email, and landline.
Email the information to: Amy Roberts, Curator of Mammals, Audubon Zoo at

The United States Equestrian Federation Inc. is also seeking people who have the room to shelter horses which are rescued from hard hit areas and those who can volunteer veterinary services. Those who can help are encouraged to e-mail or call (859)225-6993. Visit the organization’s list of facilities by state where veterinary services are needed.

ASPCA Resource List: Click here for recent updates
Information from Laura Maloney with the Louisiana SPCA:
Baton Rouge, 8/31/05 The Department of Agriculture and Forestry is coordinating with the Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the Louisiana Veterinary Association (LVMA), and the Louisiana Animal Control Association (LACA) to manage animal evacuations and recovery plans for New Orleans pets and displaced animals:

Pets Traveling With Owners
The LVMA is currently accepting pets at the Blackham Coliseum in Lafayette, LSU in Shreveport, Monroe Civic Center for small animals and the Ike Hamilton Center for large animals in Monroe, the Farmer’s Market in Alexandria and the LSU AgCenter/Parker Coliseum in Baton Rouge. Owners must be housed in a Red Cross shelter, and are responsible for caring for their animals, including feeding and cleaning. Animals will be accepted 24 hours a day. The Baton Rouge Area Veterinary Medical Association is triaging animal medical needs at the LSU AgCenter.

The LA/SPCA will transport animals from pick-up points in New Orleans to the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center. The pick-up points have not yet been determined and are being coordinated with the agency charged with transporting people from New Orleans to other areas.

The Lamar-Dixon Expo Center, 9039 St. Landry Rd., Gonzales, LA, will serve as the primary staging area. Once the shelter is full, animals will be moved to temporary shelters in other areas of Louisiana and Texas.

The LA/SPCA Dorothy Dorsett Brown Mobile Veterinary Center will be at the Lamar-Dixon Center to treat incoming animals as needed.

Lake Charles, LA
Calcasieu Parish Animal Services
5500 A Swift Plant Road
Lake Charles, LA 70615
Contact: David Marcantel, (337) 439-8879 or
Pets are being accepted at Calcasieu Parish Animal Services and at the Lake Charles Civic Center as well. They are also coordinating materials and supply collections, to be dispersed to other shelters as needed

Lafayette, LA
The Cajundome is a shelter for humans only; pets are being housed a block away at Blackham Coliseum:
444 Cajundome Blvd.
Lafayette, LA 70506
(337) 265-2100
Blackham Coliseum is located one block from the Cajundome at the corner of Cajundome Blvd. and Johnston Street. The veterinarian in charge of the Homeland Security setup for the animals at Blackham is:
Dr. Renee Perrier
101 Idlewood Blvd.
Lafayette, LA
(337) 981-8387

Abbeville, LA
Shelters are being established at the BOYS and GIRLS CLUB and the FRUIT OF THE LOOM Factory that is closed. They are reportedly setting up for people and animals. At this time, we have no specific information on these shelters other than this.
For more information, contact: Joelle Rupert, (337) 893-0235

The Mississippi Board of Animal Health Emergency Hotline: (888)722-3106.
Onine links to area resources

Rescue Shelter List Online in PDF:

Lost Animal Hotlines:
ASPCA (866)275-3923 x 4700

Shelters and Hotlines Provided by Pet Finder on September 6 2005
Louisiana residents If you are in Louisiana, please call toll-free (888) 773-6489 between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm. All others, please call (225) 925-3980 between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm (a toll-free number for out-of-state callers is being established).

Evacuees can house their animals at the following temporary animal shelters, owners are required to come by twice a day to care for their pets. Lamar-Dixon Expo Center 9039 St. Landry Road, Gonzales, LABlackham Coliseum Cajundome Blvd. Lafayette LSU Agriculture Center @ Parker Coliseum Baton RougeIke Hamilton Center (large animals) 501 Mane Street, West Monroe Monroe Civic Center (small animals) 401 Lea Joyner Memorial Expressway, Monroe.

Mississippi Residents A temporary animal shelter has been set up at the State Fairgrounds in Jackson, MS at the intersection of I-55 and High Street for more information you can call 800-252-0923.
National Hotline for reporting lost pets 1-888-pets-911

Other Animal Welfare Rescue Efforts 6 September 2005
North Shore Animal League America: Our mobile unit has been used as a triage unit in the staging area in Mississippi for the first hundreds of animals being rescued out of the area. Our associates are examining the animals, giving medical care and then transporting the animals to safety. We are coordinating with local rescue groups in the area as well as national groups to ensure the rapid and effective rescue of animals to safety.

Best Friends Animal Society: Best Friends and its sister sanctuary, St. Francis Animal Sanctuary, are setting up emergency housing for the animals rescued from metro New Orleans. Capital Animal Care, a Washington DC-based non-profit animal welfare organization is taking their state-of-the art vet mobile clinic to Best Friends Animal Society’s animal rescue operation base in Tylertown, Mississippi.
Capital Animal Care will be deployed under Best Friends Animal Society’s disaster team leader Paul Berry to provide critical care and emergency vet needs. They have stainless steel cages for up to 50 animals, hot and cold running water, heat/ac, onboard generator and three fully equipped operating room stations.

LSU School of Veterinary Medicine: The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry, the Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (LA/SPCA), the Louisiana Veterinary Medical Association (LVMA), the Louisiana Animal Control Association (LACA), and the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM) are managing animal evacuations and recovery plans for New Orleans pets and displaced animals, which includes managing a hot-line for pets needing rescue, coordinating the activities or professional animal rescue volunteers and assisting with emergency animal shelter operations throughout the state.

Over 600 animals are being cared for at LSU’s Parker Coliseum, as they have received animals evacuated from five veterinary clinics, two animal shelters and from people who are located at associated Red Cross shelters. They are still accepting animals.

I got an email from Terry Stockdale regarding the work that her Cajun Clickers computer club is doing to help:


Ascension Animal Advocates reports that their animals at the Ascension Parish Animal Shelter (LA78) are doing well. Staff have been assisting at the temporary animal shelter at the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center.

Looziana Basset Rescue – evacuated safely and stayed with another member, Hokie’s Hounds Beagle Rescue, all of their animals are fine.

Mobile SPCA in Alabama is doing fine – office has a big hole in the ceiling but they are absolutely fine. Coordinating with So Mobile County and with MS to offer help where they can.

Chaos and Critters – doing fine, available to help/take in reptiles, small pets (ferrets, rabbits), birds and exotics. Lost power for 3 days, minor roof damage – but fine otherwise.

Cleveland/Bolivar County Animal Shelter sustained minor damage from rain and wind, otherwise doing alright.

LA SPCA – All animals were safely evacuated to the Houston SPCA prior to the storm. Staff are now working on the rescue efforts in New Orleans. The State had to order them to stop evacuation efforts due to the violence in the area.

Humane Society of South Mississippi – unfortunately we have been informed that a number of their animals did drown in the storm and tragically so did one of their staff. They were able to evacuate some of the animals out prior to the storm and are in the process of rescuing and relocating the others.

St Francis Animal Sanctuary – we have heard that their animals are okay but the shelter is not. They are in the process of evacuating to the emergency shelter at the State Fairgrounds.

MS ARL UPDATE: They have electricity back on and are having to boil water prior to use. They are staffing the shelter and the emergency shelter at the State Fairgrounds. If you would like to make a donation to them to assist them in their efforts please visit their web site and click on the guidestar donation button on their homepage.

Pearl River County SPCA: “The shelter survived way better than I had expected. All the animals came thru the storm. We have all the dogs outside. The cats are most at risk in the aftermath with the power out. It is estimated to be 4-6 weeks before power is restored. Phones may be almost that long as well.”

City Shelter in Jackson, MS reports that the animals are all okay, the building is fine and they are operational.

CAAWS – Capital Area Animal Welfare Society of Baton Rouge, LA, has checked in and is fortunate and doing well.

Animal Rescue Foundation in Lafayette is doing well

Roicy Duhon Animal Control Center in Lafayette report that they are fine and having no major problems

Community Animal Rescue & Adoption in Jackson, MS have fared well. They are fully operational and now have water and electricity. They have taken in a number of animals from people who evacuated their homes and they hope to return them to their owners soon.

Brookhaven Animal Rescue League reports that their animals are all okay.

North German Shepherd Rescue is OK

Gulf Coast Doberman rescue, evacuated to north

Animal Rights for Life is still on-site 5 miles above New Orleans with 35 animals

Pet Loss Support Line:
UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. (800) 565-1526

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