Horse Agility (Video)

I’ve often wondered why people don’t chain the behavior in some agility course trials. I know you want to vary them but the human presence is a bit funny in that they have to keep up and direct the animal instead of using unique cues for the behaviors.

There is dog agility, cat agility, and horse agility but this is the first video I have watched of the horses. I was a bit worried about the slip n’ slide in the mud.

What do you think about this video?

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  1. My first thought was “my gosh we come up with weird things to do with our animals”. But I did get laughing because it seemed like the horse rarely went where he was pointed!

  2. I was watching the horse’s enthusiasm and body language. Yes, it was funny that the horse was adventurous. What I like about the video is that it shows how people are finally “getting out of the box” when it comes to what and how they train animals.

  3. His horses go where he is pointing them to go! Sometimes they miss but will do it the nixt time. Without a lead rope! His book explains how to do it in detail. It is amazing! I have watched him in person

  4. Hi Heppa, glad that you stopped by. Any trained animal will do what you ask him or her to do but I am glad that you are excited about this and enjoyed reading his book. Hopefully it gave you something to work with and that your personal experience with him was enjoyable.