Holiday Pet Tips & Hints

This time of year people think that it might be a good time to add a new pet to the family or to give one as a gift.

Although the Home for the Holidays Program has been pretty successful, for most people the hectic season and additional financial demands of maintaining another household member makes it a poor time to add and integrate an animal into a home.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to buy a dog for a friend or family member.

Why is it a mistake?

A new pet is a personal decision that demands research, resources, and that places additional responsibility on the new pet parent.

It is best to let each person make that commitment instead of surprising someone with a live present that may end up abandoned or relinquished when it is not a good fit or the recipient cannot adapt to the demands of pet parenthood.

Instead, create anticipation with a cascade of gifts that will create excitement and anticipation surrounding the possibilities.

If you don’t want to wrap a bunch of gifts (but personally I think more can be fun) you can create a nice basket of supplies by using a dog or cat bed and then filling it with the items that will be needed when a new pet is selected and wrapping it up as one big present.

Take the bed and then fill it with toys, treats, collar,leash, brush or comb, toileting aids (pet clean up aids doggie toilet or cat litter box) and gift certificates for puppy preschool or kitten kindergarten.

Certificates for grooming, pet sitting, and veterinary wellness exams or pet insurance make great additions to this present.

Help in the selection of pets by giving a book about selecting the right dog or an encyclopedia of the different cat or dog breeds. Above Photo: Puppy Care Package – Medium Puppy Starter Kit

Here are a few to consider:

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  1. Nathan constructed a great post about holiday adoptions along with the history here:

    I’d like to see the numbers of those holiday animals that stay in the homes because even though his post hits a cord and gives us the HOPE that placements during this time are lasting ones, I still believe the stress during the holidays is not the best time to add an animal and I think associating the gift giving idea to extend to a live animal is not the best association to create.