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Today’s Critter Chat concerns: How to Help Pets Beat the Heat

Summer heat is hard on pets who can die from overheating or the complications of heat stroke in just minutes.

So, here are five tips to beat the heat with pets:
1 Leave your pets at home.
2 Provide plenty of cold water, shade, and use misters to cool the air.
3 During heat waves keep animals in air-conditioned rooms.
4 Don’t leave pets in the car even for a minute.
5 Avoid taking pets to outdoor events like flea markets, festivals and parades.

If you have a problem:
-Use cool water and douse an overheated pet with a hose or immerse in a tub of water.
-Wet the belly and inside of the legs and run cool water over the tongue, mouth and paw pads.
-Get the animal to a veterinary hospital immediately

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