Hate Mail & Other Musings

It amazes me when people take the time to write. In most cases, I receive warm letters of how my books or work have impacted the lives of the people writing.

Often my publishers delay sending the letters sent to them addressed to me–but some people look up my address on the Internet.

Recently we sent out a call for pets for filming a new educational series I am hosting. So, when I saw the hand scrawled letter in my private box I assumed it was pictures and information submitted for the new series.

It was not.

There was no return address. The package was stuffed with lots of different cartoons, bizarre pictures of human babies, and a rude letter calling me a freak and other such nonsense because of an alleged article I wrote.

First, I didn’t write an article but instead was quoted in several articles such as this one talking about the phenomena of pet ceremonies sweeping the nation.

What amazes me is that someone would take the time to be so hateful. Gone is the old training where people taught their kids, “If you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything.”

Funny, the illiterate letter also did not include a return address–only a Las Vegas postmark.

I think the person needs more to do. Better to channel that energy into constructive stuff.

Blogging Power Outage

Sorry to have been so scarce. I have been dealing with severe fatigue and so lack the energy to do much. Fortunately, we just pinpointed the reason and I am under treatment for it. Ever hear of something called Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome? It goes undiagnosed and is often dismissed by many health practitioners.

Hopefully I’ll start seeing a shift in energy pretty soon. Until then I might remain a little inconsistent.

Catting Around

This week we took a jaunt down to a feline specialist down in Yorba Linda. The long drive allowed me to work on the incessant yowling and fit pitching by my friend’s cat.

Needless to say she stopped her bad behavior after some behavior modification on the way down the hill. So we only endured about 30 minutes of bad behavior instead of two hours of it. My progress was also helped by Feliway Spray.

Anyway, the veterinary clinic had a few comments about the slightly wet cat–until they got to experience the wrath of the kitty. My pal’s cat is a pistol and made no bones about her unhappiness. Really good to have savvy cat professionals handling her.

An hour later, we concluded our session with a tour of the facility. Ultimately, we were happy with our experience and the professionalism and care of the staff.

We loaded ourselves back into the car for the two hour trip with Miss Kitty–who continued to show good behavior on the way back–which was a relief to my friend.

My pal and I discussed behavior because he unknowingly had reinforced some of her habits and thought he had to tolerate bad behavior. Such is the case with most people.

Some how people think bad behavior is okay. They would rather not discomfort the animal…like the clinic staff or person who raises an eyebrow if they think the animal has been inconvenienced.

Personally, I think the real inconvenience to be concerned about is the bad behavior that lands those misbehaved animals into shelters and a life of homelessness.

But hey, that is just me.

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  1. Diana, we ALL get mail from that person in Nevada. All the pet-care columnists, the head of the APPMA, etc.

    Welcome to the club!

  2. 🙂 Thanks Gina. Guess that now I am officially in a new category.