Follow Up to UK Lion Attack & Other News

You might remember the post regarding the zookeeper who was attacked by a lion at the Wellington Zoo. He has lost his job over concerns for safety.

This just in from the UK…global warning system and response for zoonotic diseases.

Admist denial that animals are sold to research facilities comes this article. Most people are not aware that these types of sales occur and professionals discourage “free” animals because many end up being used for research.

In other news, dumping exotic species of animals is creating a multitude of problems for indigenous animals and ecosystems. Read this entertaining piece from Utah.

Take a gander at this little photo guaranteed to put a smile on your face:

Hmm, maybe this is why I gave up surfing:
Just in case you are wondering…it was incorrectly identified as a shark–but still makes your heart race!

Here is another article on why wild animals do not make good pets.

Okay, if you think you have heard everything, you probably have not heard about this project that involves pigeons with cell phones!

In another blog I often offer up interesting trends for the media. War dogs and other service animals was a recent topic. I just found this interview and thought you might like to see it. “More than 2,300 dogs are on active military duty, according to the Department of Defense…In Iraq, dogs are used on patrol and to detect explosives and drugs. In Afghanistan, they are also used for mine detection.”

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  1. That is not a shark its a dolphin just to let you know

  2. Hi, yes I know just never corrected it. Thanks for reminding me.