Deer Walks into Vet Clinic for Help

This is a great story from the Toledo Blade:

An injured, bleeding deer that wandered into the rear of a Rossford pet store Saturday was treated by a veterinary team there, then ran free into a rural area, police reported.

The deer was discovered at about 1:20 p.m. bleeding on the floor of PetSmart, 27161 Crossroads Pkwy.Rossford police Officer Mark Skala, who responded to the call, assumed the animal would have to be put down.

Instead, the store’s veterinary team stitched up the deer’s injured leg and administered antibiotics.

The deer remained calm while it was being treated, then got to its feet and fled, Officer Skala said.

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  1. A deer that comes into my yard has an antler missing….along with that side of his face ! He looks to have been either hit by a truck or shot with a shotgun (missed) but it ripped off the right antler. I can’t get close enough, even with binoculars, but it’s a mess. He eats apples off the ground. Can I put some antibiotic into the apples to help clear up what has to be a horrible infection? What type ( clindamycin?) and how many milligrams?

  2. In general, wildlife should be left alone. In nature it is survival of the fittest that helps keep the local population alive. Although I can understand your concern, it is not a good idea to interact or feed wildlife. Also, the correct source for information on this issue should be a wildlife veterinarian or the governing agency in your area–I am a behaviorist not a vet.