Canine Car Ride Crimes

So, I was catching up on my reading an noticed that Assembly Bill AB 2233 is raising some eyebrows. This is the bill that regulates some animal transport.

I have mixed feelings on the issue. First, I hated when the law was passed making me wear a seatbelt–don’t get me wrong. I wear a seatbelt and always have but making it a law felt invasive.

For our own good…

There isn’t a week that goes by that we don’t discuss pet related driving dangers. I live in a resort area where all kinds of nice things happen–like dogs tied in the back of the truck being dragged down the highway because the owner fails to notice the dog went over the side on the windy mountain roads.

Never mind the debris that poses a danger to animals when the pet has his or her head out the window. And don’t forget the airbags that deploy on collision–severely injuring or killing unsecured pets.

Forget those that are thrown from the car into oncoming traffic or who run away after the trauma.

I am an advocate of canine seat belts and began using then in the early 1990s.  When doing animal rescue I was always amazed that people did not have crates or other devices for their pets.

Personally I think valued pets (furry family members) deserve proper safety during transport. Not too long ago I did some research for an interview on pet travel and discovered that thousands of pet related incidents occur due to loose pets in vehicles.

Do we need a law for this and will it be enforced? Read more here.

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