California Cows: Not Happy

I’ve been swamped but wanted you to catch this disturbing video of a California slaughter house. In the past I’ve mentioned how sustainable agriculture and humane farming are important, I think Gina over at the Pet Connection did a great job of summarizing points in the post, Misery Meat–I share similar viewpoints, and Gina has some valuable links to recent reports on the issue.

One of the comments included the link to the animated Meatrix which might be easier to view (the series is animated) while still bringing to light just what happens to animals housed in food production. This is part of a series and the above link is to the first video in it.

Warning:Below is the HSUS undercover video. You will most likely be disturbed by this–but it is important to see–and hopefully it motivates you you to push for further change and to become selective in your food choices.

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  1. Patricia Reszetylo says

    Wow, that is difficult to watch.. and it definitely affects my choice of what foods I buy!

    No animal should ever be treated that way, even if it’s being slaughtered.

    No human should ever treat an animal that way.. even if it’s being slaughtered.


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