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I’ve been busy with some unexpected projects, taxes, and other things–such as deciding just what new book project I will begin working on. I had completely forgotten about a request I received a long time ago from Patti Moran of Pet Sitters International.

In my past, I ran the premiere pet sitting business for my area and in my spare time served as President and as a board member of the Southern California Pet Sitters Association before PSI was born.

Anyway, I was a regular contributor to the World of Pet Sitting Magazine for quite some time. The group decided to release a book called, The Best of Our World: The World of Professional Pet Sitting and it just arrived. Now as a writer, I am a bit stingy with some of my work–especially when it comes to “giving” it away. I figure I have done my share of public service work and my writing colleagues hate those compilations that take stories and pay a pittance and then make royalties off of the collection.

On the flip side, those types of works can be great marketing perks for any existing projects.

So, when PSI asked for multiple works I agreed to let them reprint one article. So, when the book arrived I took a quick flip through the text. My piece on aniaml disaster preparedness was included but I expected a bio to be included along with my business name–but it wasn’t. Oh well, it was a calculated risk.

I imagine this book is an early release because it isn’t listed by ISBN anywhere. It is a flashback to the past when there were a handful of experts contributing. Now Patti’s group sports a membership in the thousands (7600 or so). I also see the names of my other pals included within the jacket.

Now, I also elected to send a few submissions into a new series scheduled to be released later this year. Not sure I’ll make it into those but I know that they will produce a good product.

Speaking of books, I got a note back from Karen Pryor and her book seems to be delayed for revisions and now won’t be released until the spring of next year. Deadlines are like that–they move. Anyway, she is buried in revisions.

In the meantime, are there any books you would like to see on the market as I continue to muse over my next projects?

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  1. Given your long history with a broad range of animals a book about animal attacks would be interesting, along the lines of why it happened and what the animal’s motivations may have been. A title such as “When Animals Attack (And Why We Let It Happen)” or hopefully something less cheesy conveys the idea.

    You’ve already shared some insightful tales of situations in your career that didn’t escalate – such as the aggressive dolphin, the distracted chimp, or the musth elephant. Interweaving those stories/lessons among other more severe/infamous incidents could get your points across well.

    Such a book could help inform that 1) it’s usually our own fault from putting ourselves in a bad spot or not recognizing the animal’s predicament, etc.; and 2) animals don’t follow rules of thumb or respond identically – they can be every bit as rational or irrational as humans.

    Anyway, it’s just an idea. Basically I’d enjoy seeing such events analyzed with an eye towards showing the animal’s perspective.

  2. Thanks for the idea. A good one and I am still pondering my next animal book project…

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  4. Start with the national and international groups–they all have pretty good listings.