Blessing of the Animals

Today is the Feast Day of Saint Francis aka World Animal Day.

Although animal blessings take place throughout the year, a majority take place this weekend.

If you would like to view a documentary about blessing of the animals along with other videos visit my squidoo page, Blessing of the Animals. (You can even participate in a poll–Is your pet a blessing?)

Wow, this is the first year I am not participating in events…

Many of you know that I wrote a book all about the history of this tradition in Blessing of the Animals: A Guide to Prayers and Ceremonies Celebrating Pets & Other Creatures.

It was a fun project sparked by requests to conduct animal blessings and to teach What Animals Can Teach Us about Spirituality.

I hope you will take the time to participate in a pet blessing this year.

My favorite pet blessings?

Justin Rudd holds a fun blessing event in Belmont Shore and I am sad that I won’t be there this year.

One of my favorites is the Cathedral of Saint John of the Divine which is the host to the biggest event in the United States.

Duke Chapel puts on quite a blessing of the animals production and is the only one to take place on a University campus.

Even the National Cathedral has a blessing of the animals.

Many blessings to you and your pets–today and everyday!

If you want an everyday blessing for your pet, order St Francis Pet Tags from our store.

Please take a moment and let me know what your favorite pet blessing event is. I’d love to see your photos, too!

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  1. i have finally found it. animal blessing central headquarters! last year was the first i had heard of blessing the animals, a.k.a., world animal day.

    if i didn’t have an animal blog already started one wonders if i would have EVER heard of this great holiday. i will be back to look at all the little treats on your blog.

    btw – visit pet monologues. i just put up an animal poster extravaganza for this holiday.