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I happened across this announcement sometime back but for some reason didn’t post it. The Morris Animal Foundation is accepting nominations for favorite veterinarians.

Bindi Irwin has been in the news but I haven’t mentioned much. Recently she has been helping bring awareness to health and fitness for kids.

You probably heard about the sperm whale attack on a fishing boat in Japan. Here is a video of the Japan whale attack. The fishermen were attempting to get the whale out of Uwajima Bay and back to the ocean.

I’ve been asked about this situation and my answer? Wild animals are wild animals. If they anticipate a threat they respond as they are hardwired for. Isn’t Japan still whaling?

Earlier in the month a woman survived an attack by a humpback whale. Humans think nothing of invading a wild animals space and then wonder why they encounter trouble.

I just have to ask, how to you “kinda put your hands out?” and why would you bother sleeping whales. Isn’t common sense something people should use around wild animals? This page has another commentary along with a video clip with one of the humpback whale attack human survivors.

I also have to ask, why is this being called a freak accident? Big wild animal sleeping with the baby whale and something startles it away? Doesn’t sound like an accident and if I were the whale I would have done the same thing. Whack!

Here is a news story with video of the humpback whale protective move and interview with the divers.

Since September of 2006 there seems to be a lot of animal attacks both in the wild and in captivity. Why? Perhaps we need to pay better attention, show respect, keep our distance…and it would be a good idea to start working on cleaning up the mess we have made on this earth before we destroy it, too.

There is life beyond my ranting…here is another article about pet trends and the spending trends that are on the rise.

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  1. catmanager says

    Forgive the shameless self-promotion, but I posted just yesterday on the spate of recent cat attacks that have been in the news. Seems right in line with your observation that we’ve seen a surprising increase in such incidents. Perhaps it’s a statistical anomaly. Perhaps something else.