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VetClick? if you live in the United States you might have missed this animal career website and so I thought I would take a few minutes to alert you to this resource that would be of use if you live (or want to live) in the United Kingdom and are seeking an animal job in the veterinary field.

The reason I think this resource is valuable to animal career job seekers is that those practices who post their jobs online, or who wish to view applicants, pay for the opportunity to do so. The site does not just specialize in job postings or seekers, it also sells products and provides a referral listing for veterinary practices.

What is a perk for those of you seeking an animal job in the UK is that you can post your CV (curriculum vitae) to the site at no charge. I also like that the site actually asks if veterinarians are registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons to work in the UK. VetClick also provides valuable downloads to helping you fine tune your application to reap the best results. If you are a veterinary technician or veterinary nurse you must explore the specific requirements necessary to work in the United Kingdom before applying as this site is specific to the United Kingdom.

Another area of interest on the site is the forum which currently has topics for pet owners, veterinary students, wildlife rehabilitation, and a public discussion area. Although I am not familiar with the names of those who moderate the specific areas of the forum, each section has a specialist assigned to address the questions. The Ask the Vet section is the most active and post histories go back to 2004.

For those not seeking a career, you can find a veterinary practice listing by plugging in the postal code or town. This is incentive to members and a good resource for pet owners who find yet another reason to use the site.

To achieve ranking, the site has a free listing resource page for websites related to animals, supplies, and other topics. That does not mean that the sites listed are necessarily the best but they are specific to the UK which is appropriate. Since I thought the topic was misplaced, I clicked into the Dating category and found dog walking and single pet owner listings. So, you might want to peruse the directory to see what pet or animal related businesses are thriving in the UK for other job or business ideas.

Another nice feature is that the veterinary practice listings by specialty. What surprised me was the number of homeopathic clinics. I am glad to see those growing steadily around different countries. Again, these listings are a free resource for ranking but also of use to readers of VetClick.

The final two areas of the site include the animal news feed and a calendar section. The news feed covers a variety of veterinary, conservation, and other animal news. The Calendar sections has replaced the mediation section and you can find veterinary medical continuing education programs along with a few other types of topics that might be of interest.

The final two areas of the site include the animal news feed and the mediation section. The news feed covers a variety of veterinary, conservation, and other animal news. I have no idea why the mediation section was included in this site as it is more appropriately placed into a legal website. However, perhaps it is a service provided to the membership–it doesn’t say.

Overall, I believe VetClick is a good resource for UK job seekers or UK veterinary practices that are seeking help. At the very least, check it out and let me know what you think.

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  1. seb@dog beds says

    my neice has been going to 4H for about three years. I am sure she will end up being a vet.

  2. Many kids get their passion for animals through such programs. It will be interesting to see what she ends up doing.