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Traveling Again…Turkey Jerky Treats?

I am traveling again but will have some entertaining posts to share with you soon.

Since this week many people will be celebrating Thankgiving, I thought you might like to have a recipe for some unique treats…

Turkey Jerky Treat Ingredients

  • Up to a pound of turkey
  • Olive oil (couple of tablespoons max if your meat is not greasy)
  • Option herbs such as thyme.

You will need a blender or food processor to grind all the ingredients together to form a puree.

Place a thin layer of the mixture onto a covered cookie sheet (use aluminum foil) and place in a preheated oven set around 200-250 degrees F.

Let bake until dry–if you are cooking raw turkey it will take about two hours or so. If you are drying cooked meat–keep an eye on it.

Cut into small pieces.

If you want to be creative, try using a cookie cutter to slice the mixture into shapes before baking. It doesn’t always work but adds some fun for the humans!

Martin Hardoy Argentinian Horseman (Video)

Most people are fascinated with those who seem to vary from the standard procedures when it comes to animal training so I thought you might like this video.

Martín Hardoy believes that 70 days are necessary to break a horse, plus additional time to finish and perfect training. Read an article about Martin Hardoy.

So, my questions:
Who put the halter and tied the horse prior to the segment?
What work had already been done prior to filming?