Archives for February 2006

Eight Below: Avoid the Dog Craze

One of my subscribers suggested I take a moment to comment on the recent interest in the movie, “Eight Below.” One of my biggest concerns is that this movie will spark an infatuation with Siberian huskies and Malamutes. Neither are the dog breed used in the 1957 and 1958 Japanese expedition to the Showa Base in the Antarctic.

Antarctic (Nankyoku Mongoatari) was the movie that appeared in the early 1980’s about the same trip. If you want to see an interesting commentary and get a gander at some photos check out this well done summary on Eight Below and the abandoned dogs.

Anyway, “101 Dalmations, “Lady & the Tramp” and a variety of other romantic films always spark a flurry of people rushing to get the “dog of their dreams” which usually ends up being a nightmare for the dogs who later end up in shelters, rescue groups or worse.

Please avoid the temptation to obtain any of these active hardy breeds and save a few nightmares for those of us in the animal field.

Avian Flu Concerns

Okay, now the reports are coming in regarding just how many diseases jump from animals to humans. Zoonotic diseases pose some risk but just how severe a threat the avian may pose is still speculation. In the meantime, you can check out a few news articles at news medical net and at the Detroit Free Press website.