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I thought you might like to read this article concerning some verified wolf predation on livestock.

One of my pet peeves concerns the breeding of exotic animals with domestics to produce new exotic breeds. About twelve years ago I wrote an article on feline hybrids and still get hate mail from breeders on this issue.

This article on Bengals, a breed of cat that evolved crossing domestic cats with the Asian leopard cat crossed my desk recently. Read my commentary of feline breeding between domestic felines with exotic species to get a non-breeder’s view on the issue. Also, take a gander at the wolf-dog article I wrote while you are at it.

While on the topic of wildlife and pets I need to post this article on urban coyotes. Most people are a bit naive about the risk to pets within the city limits. Here on the edge of the wilderness the risk varies according to prey populations and draught.

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