White House Unleashed

Above: Photo from the pet friendly area of White House History.

Wow, the interest in the Obama dog seems to have sparked a whole lot of interest in Presidential Pets.

I enjoyed reading more about and seeing additional pictures of White House Pets.

However the public interest is so high that we can now go to see a play, Unleashed! The Secret Lives of White House Pets at the Kennedy Center until February 22, 2009.

The Washington Post has already written about Unleashed!

From the White House History Site:

Young Alastair’s father has just been elected President, so she and her jittery Chihuahua Tipp are moving into the White House. When their new celebrity status begins to overwhelm them, wise old usher Max takes them on a hilarious journey back in time to meet other first kids and their pets! Pretty soon, they’re rubbing elbows with a couple of Texas hounds, a grandmotherly spaniel, and more White House mutts.

But some unexpected personalities pop up too, including a voracious Cajun alligator, some country-bumpkin goats, a stuffy mocking bird, a well-mannered bovine, and even a garter snake! Gathering advice from them all, Alastair learns the power of friendship, courage, and responsibility in this third installment of the popular co-commissions.

Ages 7 and up. January 30 – February 22, 2009 in the Kennedy Center Family Theater.

Is that sophisticated enough for you? If you are an animal lover–you want more.

Okay, you can get more! You can be part of the Obama Dog Frenzy and support the Adopt A Pet program and Mutts Like Me campaign by purchasing the nifty Shepard Fairey Adopt Sticker.

Go on, go on–it is for a good cause!

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