Where is the newsletter and other ramblings…

If you are an avid fan and have subscribed to my newsletter, you will have noticed it is late. At the moment I am managing my own websites and blogs–so when we moved one to a new provider and format–well things went horribly wrong.

Maybe not horribly wrong, but certainly enough to tie me up in 10 hour days since January 1st. Lesson learned?

Couldn’t tell ya–other than I am learning a new platform pretty fast!

I have plans to overhaul https://www.arkanimals.com soon and that is going to be a task since the site has hundreds of pages. Be warned, we are probably going to move the blog into the main index page instead of inside the site. Still pondering this as there are many pros and cons to it.

Anyway, on the animal front I am sure you heard about another mountain lion attack on Laura Jirsa’s dog (Lady) in Evergreen, Colorado. The attack on the Queensland Heeler took place just a few days after I posted the cougar attack safety tips.

Wild animals are becoming more habituated to humans and pets are easy prey in their eyes. If you are going to go hiking in remote areas or wilderness corridors–take precautions and stack the cards in your favor. Hike with a friend and carry pepper spray or something similar. You can read an article with my mountain lion attack safety tips here.

Out in the blogging world, Sarah Netter brought up a question about who goes–the pet or the significant other…which made me curious–what is your opinion?

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