Karen Pryor Interview & White Tigers

Wow, today is a low energy day. I think I need a day off.

I’ve been slaving seven days a week and that is not serving me well. There are things I can outsource but many that I cannot…anyway, bear that in mind as I ramble.

First, let me just say that the interview with Karen Pryor went well.

Now, when I conduct classes on the phone things usually go well but when it matters–just what imp creates trouble?

The imp appears and causes trouble regularly and I changed from two services (including a fee based service) because that was just unacceptable.

Now I tested the new service and it seemed fine but when it really mattered I couldn’t get into the phone line until after I emailed support.

Then Karen Pryor could not access the line via the speaker passcode.

Finally, we got going and things looked fine–and then there was no recording!


Anyway, I was able to mute listeners (to avoid background static and noise) and have Karen Pryor chat from that line.


AND thank goodness for technological wonders because last night I was able to retrieve the recording.

Great, but more work for me since now I’ll be working on an article.

Those subscribers who were able to make the call got the inside scoop on the Karen Pryor Academy.

For those who missed it, I will have it available to the animal career secrets students shortly.

Animal News: White & Black Striped Animals

In other news, did you hear about the injured zebra who the cops named Evidence? Poor critter.

There are specific ways to transport animals safely and I don’t know what the story is behind this yet but an animal sanctuary is taking care of the young zebra.

Now that I am on the topic of white and black striped animals…I’ve talked about inbreeding and the problems with captive tigers and other issues surrounding them before and periodically mention the white tiger issue.

However, Big Cat Rescue is now tackling the myth concerning endangered white tigers. I first read about the white tigers back in the 1970s.

Today you can read the white tiger history here. In the USA the craze began at the National Zoo after they were given Mohini, an inbred white tiger, as a gift and that seems to be the beginning of white tiger fever.

Somewhere I have a picture of her snarling at the camera from her early days.

Many groups promote these creatures as “endangered” and “rare” instead of the spoke in the wheel of a marketing scheme.

Siegfried & Roy furthered the conservation myth regarding white tigers and perpetuated the illusion that exotic animals make good pets (until Roy took a hit).

The truth is that wild animals don’t make good pets and here is my position on wild animal pets and exotic animal pets.

There are ways to save the tiger but saving the white tiger is not one of those.

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