What exactly is pet parenting?

So what is pet parenting and why is it important to those who have pets at home or those who provide services and products for pets?

Pet parenting is the sum total of all the things you do for a companion animal that joins your family.

Some people refer to themselves as pet owners, pet guardians, pet caretakers but the reality is that today, no matter how you refer to a person who has pets, those pets need parenting.

Pet parenting is the sum of all the efforts that go into making a pet a happier, healthier and better behaved animal.

It isn’t just one thing–which is why I use the term, “parenting.”

The funny thing is, that as long as animals have lived with us–few people actually get adequate coaching on just what activities are needed to mold an animal into living harmoniously with humans and their other animal pals.

People often think they know how do to this–but the reality is most don’t.

I want to make it clear that what I am going to talk about isn’t a reflection on whether or not you love an animal, or whether or not you take good care of an animal–it has to do with pet parenting skills (or lack of) and whether or not your have been lucky enough to have been taught these skills or made aware of them.

Answer these questions:

  • Does your dog jump or paw on your or anyone else entering the home?
  • Does your cat wake you up to feed him or her?
  • Does your dog pull on the leash out in public?
  • Does your cat disobey all your requests to stay off the counters or fail to listen to you altogether?
  • Do you have to repeat commands over and over again before your pet listens?

If you answered yes to some or all of these questions–you need a pet parenting coach–because these are just tip of the iceberg issues.

Pet parenting is a lifestyle skill that you have to learn.

Most people grew up with family animals but that does not mean that they grew up with a skill set on how to manage, handle and care for a pet in the right way.

Times have changed–and so have our relationship with animals.

Isn’t it time you got the right information and the correct skill set so that everyone in your home is happy?

Wouldn’t it be nice if your pets would listen, feel more secure and so be happier while also being better behaved and healthier?

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