Training Dogs – A Basic Overview

Training Dogs

Dogs are highly energetic and, if not properly handled, this can cause problems at home. This is why training dogs helps pet owners avoid problems and headaches.

Dog training involves the process of teaching a dog skills or certain behaviors. The focus might be responding to certain commands or helping it learn to cope to stressful environments.

Why Dog Training is Essential

Dogs learn in a variety of ways and need a certain degree of guidance, but many people refrain from taking action because of discomfort or disinterest by family members. It is important to stress that not giving your dog some training might result in more negative impact than positive.

Regardless of the size or breed, training is vital. This is because a dog needs to understand how to act and respond to different circumstances.

Another perk is that training a dog prevents additional stress. Solving issues such as destructive chewing, food guarding or stealing, and inappropriate jumping or marking, go a long way to keeping the peace at home as well. Training gets the dog to listen to your commands so it becomes a source of pride rather than a liability.

Factors Affecting Dog Training

Canine domestication has eliminated lots of wild ancestral traits but several key natural characteristics still remain. Among the most notable is the social nature of your pet dog. They are not only social to their own species but also to humans and other animals.

Sensitivity to the environment and the things that happen in it can shape behavior quickly. This is why it is important to be clear and consistent when it comes to the rules of the household and between family members.

Dogs are also great at interpreting behavior patterns, gestures and vocabulary. Misusing words such as “off” or “down” can be trouble so paying attention to common phrases and striving for clarity is a great way to avoid confusing your pet.

Types of Dog Training

There are different categories of training you might encounter. Each addresses different needs and some build on the skill sets learned in others.

Behavior modification is the most preferred by professionals and the most useful to pet owners. This is where the dog learns good manners and how to adapt to life in a human home. The training typically includes solving or preventing behavior problems and socializing the animal to other pets and people.

Obedience training involves teaching definite behaviors. Private or group classes in obedience training focuses on getting your dog to respond to definite commands in a timely manner. The most common commands include come, sit, down, and heel.

Activity training challenges and teaches dogs to complete precise tasks. It goes beyond basic skills and so is best done after other types of training. It also serves as a good bonding experience for dogs and their owners.

Finally, we hope it is clear that from puppies to senior dogs, training dogs is essential for solving different behavior problems and teaching your canine to be a good citizen. Be sure to take time to research just what the best training solution fits your situation and get involved in training your pet as soon as possible.

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