Top 5 iPhone Applications for Animal Lovers

top five iphone apps for animal lovers If you are seeking iPhone apps for pets or animals, you are going to love this guest post:

If there are two things most Americans seem to be in love with right now it is their pets and their iPhones.

Because of this there has been a plethora of iPhone apps created that combine the love of pets with technology.

While there are many downloads to sift through, there are a select few of apps for animal lovers that stand out.

Here are my Top 5 iPhone apps for animal lovers.

5. Relax Alarm Clock Lite

Do you love waking up to the sound of your dog in the morning, or the chirps of your favorite birds outside the window? Thanks to Relax Alarm Clock Lite, you can record those sounds and take them with you to use as a relaxing alarm clock everywhere you may be. Whether at home, on vacation, or in school, now you will never miss your favorite animal’s calling.

4. Off Leash

Every animal needs some exercise, and this app makes finding areas where that can happen a lot easier. Off Leash uses the iPhone’s GPS system to track and mark the locations of pet-friendly parks around your area. Use this app to find a place to let your dog, cat, ferret, or other leashed animals run free without the worry of getting a ticket or worse. This is a must have for anyone who wants to keep their pet in top condition.

3. Pet Notebook

A must have for anyone with any sort of pet. Pet Notebook is a great application that allows you to take and manage photo galleries of your pets. It also lets you keep track of medications, vet visits, and anything else you need to take care of your favorite animal. There is even a section to take personal notes on your animals. All iPhone users with pets should have this app.

2. PetFinder Mobile Application

Perhaps the best way to show your love for animals is to consider adopting one of the thousands of strays who need a loving home. The PetFinder.Com iPhone app provides a database of animals from hundreds of pet shelters and adoption centers around the United States. It provides pictures, information, and tools to make adopting a pet appealing and simple. Show you care by taking an animal under your care with the help of this great app.

1. Be Humane

Whether you have pets or just love animals in general, you need to download this application. Be Humane is the official app of the American Humane Society. It allows you to show support for the AHS, has videos of AHS in action, and provides info on how you can help and a link to give donations easily. Anyone who cares about animals in general needs to download this app on their iPhone and show support for this wonderful organization.

This guest post was written by Louise Baker. Louise is an animal lover and freelance journalist who normally writes about online degrees for Zen College Life.
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