Stress Free Dog Nail Trimming (Video)

How are you doing on that tooth brush assignment?

Another big issue pet owners face is the lack of cooperation for nail trimming.

I’ve seen a lot of “drama dogs” that get reinforced by accident and so escalate into more non-cooperative behavior.

One of my dogs hated his tails trimmed but he let me do it because he was always rewarded.

I’d break the sessions down into smaller sessions but this video was done during a dog training session.

Usually you can make more impact if you stop at success at each level (or step). Then the next time you train–resuming at that level of criteria (level of success–notice you don’t go back).

You see how the trainer perseveres in this dog nail trimming video when the dog stresses–but since she doesn’t stop and doesn’t have a negative reaction, the dog settles down and moves forward in the process quickly.

If you have problems with nail trimming–have someone take a video of that process. Then try this training procedure and come back and let us know how you are doing and how long it took.

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