Rushville Shelter Error: Dog survives for four days after botched euthanasia attempt.

Geezuhs, you probably already heard about the puppy that was found alive in the freezer four days after a botched euthanasia procedure, if not, you can read about Gabby held at the Rushville, Indiana. Animal control officer Jamie Glandon rescued the pup and is now afraid for her job.

The event took place near the end of November. You can read updates and the petition here.

Gabby is being held in an undisclosed location.

How did they miss that the animal was dead before placing it in the freezer and what type of repercussions will this animal face after that type of experience?

The shelter is a municiple animal control shelter that is run by the city and is currently closed while an investigation takes place. I am wondering if they just did a mass procedure using gas.

Euthanasia is a tough choice and a far to common practice. People don’t take reponsibility for their animals and the critters just end up being disposable commodities.

The worst day of my life was when my vet came to my home to euthanize my dog. It was time, we all knew it. It was miserable for me but the dog was so relaxed it was hard to find a vein. My vet made sure he was gone by checking his heartbeat and his body remained outside under the pines for a long while.

If you are going to facilitate or conduct euthanasia you better get it right.

I worked in a shelter and remember the shelter manager not feeling secure about conducting euthanasia and making mistakes. No excuse, to have mistakes in this matter, if your going to do it get trained professionals in.

The animal control officer had to get the mayor involved in this whole mess.

How does this story make you feel? What do you think?

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