Romping in the Rain: Keisha

Above: Keisha is intense about her stick as she romps in the rain. Photo by Francine Orr see more storm photos at the Los Angeles Times.

So the local storm has me in again and shoveling snow like crazy. I moved all appointments to later in the week. Dogs love the snow but this is so fast and deep that I haven’t actually ventured out much past my deck and staircase.

I loved this photograph of the dog in the raincoat playing in the rain. She is a bit intense about it, too. Because it was a great shot I thought I would look up the photographer and this is what I found:

Francine Orr has worked as a photographer for the Los Angeles Times since 1999 and has worked extensively in Asia and the Pacific.

Orr has also spent time in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, South Africa, Angola, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

She served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Federated States of Micronesia and has has won a variety of awards including a Best of Photojournalism.

You can find more of Francine Orr’s photos at Getty Images.

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