Q&A Blessing of the Animals

I always try to get to my subscriber questions when I have some time.

Nanci wrote, “I just was trying to find out when the blessing of the animals take place.”

There is no set time that pet blessings or blessing of the animals take place any more. They are actually happening all year.

However, most will take place near or on January 17th or October 4th.

Saint Anthony is the patron saint of the animal kingdom, among other things, and many animal blessings and life respecting masses take place on the Sunday closest to his feast day of January 17th, the date of Saint Anthony’s physical death but celebrated as his birth date in heaven.

Saint Francis of Assisi was an animal lover and is the Catholic Saint of Ecology and Animals. Many people associate this Saint with most animal blessings–but his feast day (October 4) didn’t start until the 13th Century.

October 4th is also known as World Animal Day and so the bulk of organized events happen around these two dates.

If you read my book, Blessing of the Animals you will find a variety of other blessing events and dates listed.

You can also search Google for your area to find local events.

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