Poodle Court Case & Other Pet News

Some of you are aware that I was part of the original team that built the Animal Planet Rescue Rig which has been out helping animals in disasters for years now. I am not exactly sure what number rig this one is but check out the article and the few snaps they have posted.

In the too disturbing to believe category is this story about a poodle that was allegedly emotionally scarred after a run in with a courier--which is why the pooch bit a building inspector? How about irresponsible pet ownership and carelessness as the cause? Now it looks like we are going to have frivolous pet court cases to deal with too!

My point here is that there are many, many animals that don’t bite people and I am not too keen on the excuses I hear from those who dismiss bites or attempts at bites as “a phase” or just “normal behavior” or just flat out pretend there isn’t a problem.

Recently I received a call from a guy who was referred into my office from a colleague. When I asked him what the problem was he said, “I don’t know that is why I am calling you!”

Wrong answer. My tip to you is that if you are looking for help with your pet or other animal behavior problems be up front and honest. Most professionals will try and match you with the right person and program but you have to be completely honest and give all the details to the person you are going to work with.

When I asked him to fill out my behavior consultation and training application–he refused. Which of course was probably a blessing to me.

Anyway, long story short, I called my colleague who informed me about the serious attacks his dog had made on a couple of people. He didn’t know what the problem was? How about, “My dog has been attacking people and I need to stop it!”

Okay, in other news you might have heard about my old acquaintance Dr Roger Mugford’s Dog Train & Behave week which is set for July 28th-August 4, 2007.

Based in the UK, Dr. Roger had me test his Halti’s and the Aboistop (known now as the citronella bark collar) back in the early 1990s. Boy did I get a lot of grief over using both the innovative products–which I found to be highly effective and still use. I got to stay with Roger the last time I visited the UK and am long overdue for a return.

Not only did I miss the NSA conference in San Diego this week but also the Wags for Wishes at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. The event benefits the Make A Wish Foundation–so mark your calendars for next year.

Denise Flaim does a nice job in her Animal House column but the recent article on cats as service animals included a quote that seemed a bit off to me.

…”But I don’t know that they could be trained to do it on command, because you know what cats are like.”


For those of us who have worked training both large and small cats (domestic and wild)–that statement is a bunch of nonsense.

If you love cats and reading–you might be interested to hear that the ruling on the Hemingway Museum Cats is in…the dispute began in 2003.

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