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You know those who thought the pet food recall would simply disappear or get swept under the carpet were wrong. Here are some more articles:

Pet Food Recall & Other Concerns sparked by the Associated Press.

I’ve been off wheat gluten since October and I eat more fish but here is another disturbing article about fish food and the pet food recall…be sure to visit the Pet Connection for their fabulous coverage of this issue. Thanks to Gina for the links.

Here in California, marine mammals have been turning up sick in large numbers.

The University of Alberta released the results of a study said to partially explain some animal behavior intricacies. There are many other ways animals can communicate but science needs concrete results to report on any findings.

Puppy prozac has made the news in the UK.
I usually discourage psychopharmocology unless the case is severe and my acquaintance Dr. Roger Mugford looks like he agrees.

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